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"Research Exchange" Mailing List

Heine Research Academies are a networking platform of the faculty's own graduate academies and the Junior Scientist and International Researcher Center. Our services are ment to create synergies inorder to increase the quality and attractiveness of training for all young researchers at HHU.
Following this intention we also support the exchange among researchers at HHU as part of their practical everyday research. For this purpose a mailing list has been set up by Heine Research Academies. The list is meant to get you in contact with other researchers at HHU if you are in need or searching for research equipment, technological help or else.

⇒In order to directly adress your request do the mailing list you first have to be a list member. Please register for the mailing list using the link below. Please be aware to use the same university email you are also using for sending your regular mails; either @hhu.de or @uni-duesseldorf.de . Otherwise the mailing list does not recognize you as a member.

Subscribe to the Research Exchange Mailing List

The following rules apply for the use the mailing list:

  • The use of the mailing list is solely for research purposes and the exchange of research information. Improper use will result in suspension from the mailing list.
  • The prefered language of the mailing list is English.
  • You should define your request as clear as possible in the header of the mail. In addition the mails receive an automatic predefined header: [Hera-research-exchange]. List subscribers receive the mails as shown in the example below:

    [Hera-research-exchange] Search for antibody XYZ
    [Hera-research-exchange] Looking for microscope to use

All requests to the list should be sent to:


















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