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pART of Research - Calendar 2019

"Diversity in Research/Objects-Places-People. Of 27 entries, twelve images were selected by 1400 voters and will now be printed in the "pART of Research" - calendar 2019 of Heine Research Academies.
From October 09, 2018, the calendar is available free of charge for all interested parties at Heine Research Academies (iGRAD, medRSD, philGRAD and JUNO), the HHU Diversity Coordination Office and at the House of the University in the city center.



Here, we show the selected images that are displayed in the 2019 "pART of Research" calendar of Heine Research Academies.
Congratulations to all winners!!

The Beauty of Waste

Dr. Bernd M. Schmidt, Oliver Michel, Tom Kunde

Organic Chemistry 1/ Faculty of Math. and Nat. Scie.

"Shown is the filter paper of a garbage can for liquid, water-soluble substances."

Hot Oil Bath

Dr. Bernd M. Schmidt, Oliver Michel

Organic Chemistry 1/ Faculty of Math. and Nat. Scie.

"Shown is a pattern of flowmarks of a hot, impure oil bath in an alu-pot."

The Fluorescent Cerebellum

Eva Salveridou

IUF – Leibniz Research Institute for Environmental Medicine/ (Doctoral researcher of the) Faculty of Math. and Nat. Scie.

"This picture demonstrates the cerebellum of an adult mouse. The outer layer consists of Purkinje cells, which are some of the largest neurons in the brain and play an important role in controlling motor movements and coordination."

Urine Guitar

Md Shaifur Rahman

Institute for Stem Cell Research and Regenerative Medicine/ (Doctoral Researcher of the) Faculty of Math. and Nat. Scie.

"Urine derived stem cells have been stained with Phalloidin. "


Dr. Nora K. Schaal, Dr. Lisa M. Körner

Institute for Experimental Psychology - Cognitive Psychology / Faculty of Math. and Nat. Scie.

"Within the scope of the baby and children study conducted by the Department of Cognitive Psychology we accompany infants and children from 3 to 70 months of age. On the basis of the scanned hands, the individual digit ratio of the length between the index and ring finger is determined, a measure which is associated with prenatal testosterone. In various studies we investigate possible relationships between prenatal testosterone and different behavioural traits."

Newton Fractal

Dr. Götz Lehmann

Institute for Theoretical Physics I / Faculty of Math. and Nat. Scie.

"The picture shows a Newton fractal, which is a completely computer generated structure.In my lecture "Numerical Simulations" we discuss numerical methods for root finding. Newton fractals are structures that emerge when we try to understand why a particular method, the Newton-Raphson method, sometimes finds a root with little effort, but on the other hand struggles and requires significantly more computational effort if we make slight changes."

Bull's eye into the brain!

Laura Nimtz

IUF – Leibniz Research Institute for Environmental Medicine/ (Doctoral researcher of the) Faculty of Math. and Nat. Scie.

"The picture shows a staining of neurons (red) of a human neuronal network in vitro. The cell nuclei are shown in blue. The bull's eye is formed by an airbubble between the coverslip and the slide."

Midnight sun in Reykjavik - EURAM conference 2018 in Iceland

Arne Bergfeld, Natalie Brüne, Marisa Henn

Chair of Entrepreneurship and Finance / Faculty of Economics and Business Administration

"Returning to the hotel late at night after the EURAM conference party in Reykjavik, Iceland."

Colored speech

Kim Strütjen

Institute for Language and Information Science / Faculty of Arts and Humanities

"This picture shows acoustic signals of speech. They are freely combined with each other and colored. Most of the signals show vowels which are characterized by periodic waveforms. Each vowel has its own distinctive waveform."

A Biochemist's Dream

Dr. Andreas Sebastian Klein

Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry / Faculty of Math. and Nat. Scie.

"We live in a time of change - this also applies to the research of new pharmaceuticals. The photo shows my imagination of a process that combines diverse techniques of biology and chemistry to produce novel biopharmaceuticals. The research of our institutes at the HHU brings us closer to this dream of the sustainable provision of medicines every day."

Fortuna zur Blauen Stunde

Thorsten Bischof

Lehrstuhl für Deutsches und Ausländisches Öffentliches Recht, Völkerrecht und Europarecht / Faculty of Law

"The image shows the unit "Fortuna" of the combined cycle power plant situated at the site "Lausward" at the blue hour. The site being owned and operated by Stadtwerke Düsseldorf is currently the most efficient and powerful combined cycle power plant of the world. Such sophisticated power plants lead the way into a climate neutral whilst at the same time highly electrified future.

How the Paris Agreement on Climate Change supports the ongoing transition is the subject of my research."


Dr. Marina Ludescher, Nadia Stamm

Research Lab of the Gynaecological Clinic / Medical Faculty

"This immunofluerescence picture of a breast cancer cell line with visualized protein interactions reminded us of distant galaxies. A universe in a cell!"

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