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pART of Research - Calendar 2022

Research is an essential part of your life - but the fact that research also has a significant influence on our everyday routine has also been recognised by the general public over the past year. Research is challenging, diverse and creative - and this is what we would like to show in the next round of the annual 'pART of Research' calendar competition of Heine Research Academies and the Diversity Coordination Office. Under the motto: "Creative and Colourful", you can submit your picture entries and focus on both the many facets of research and the beauty of your research work.

All photos, drawings, collages, etc. submitted by 31 May 2021 will be put to a public vote on the HeRA website. The winners will receive a coveted place in the 'pART of Research' calendar 2022, as well as a book voucher.

Information for participants

All doctoral researchers, postdocs, research group leaders and junior professors of HHU are eligible to participate.

You can submit your images until 31 May 2021. The submitted images* will then be made available for voting on the 'pART of Research' webpage. The images with the most votes will be published in the 'pART of Research' calendar for the year 2022. At least one place in the calendar is reserved for each of HHU's faculties. In addition to the desired place in the 'pART of Research' Calendar 2022, the winners will receive a book voucher.

*In case that more than 30 pictures will be submitted, a committee of Heine Research Academies will make an initial pre-selection.

Be creative: Whether photos, drawings, cartoons, or sketches...everything is possible, as long as following technical details are met:
    •    at least 250 dpi
    •    Format: JPG
    •    ideally CMYK
    •    DIn A3 landscape format (420 mm x 297 mm)

Every participant can submit one images. Please make sure that you have the copyright and the right of use of your image.

Please submit your image using the submission form.

We do. Please send an email to:

Responsible for the content: