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On the following pages we would like to provide you with information important for doctoral researchers at HHU, including information on admission requirements, enrolment processes and funding of doctorates at HHU. In addition, we would like to guide you to the various qualification and mentoring programmes set-up by HHU to further support the career development of doctoral researchers.

At HHU, doctoral candidates are individually supervised and promoted in order to advance their careers. In all faculties of HHU:

  • dual supervision of doctoral candidates is regulated in the doctorate regulations or a second mentor may be added to the PhD advisory committee.
  • the course "Good Scientific Practice" is obligatory for all doctoral candidates.
  • doing doctoral research work is intended within structured doctoral programs, or alternatively within the framework of a structured curriculum at the respective faculties own graduate academy.
  • international junior researchers will receive advice and support from the Junior Scientist and International Research Center (JUNO) regarding their stay in Germany and at HHU.
  • the faculties own graduate academies offer a broad qualification programme for doctoral students and a comprehensive counseling service.
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