26.02.2019 14:35

Participate and win! Germany-wide study ‘nacaps’ on working conditions and career pathways of early stage researchers

How do doctoral research phases develop? Which conditions affect competence development and doctoral success? Which factors influence career decisions and career pathways of early stage researchers?

Only few comprehensive data and scientifically substantial answers exist on these questions. Therefore, together with numerous universities in Germany, Heinrich Heine University (HHU) Düsseldorf participates in the first questionnaire of the National Academics Panel Study (nacaps), implemented by the German Centre for Higher Education and Science Studies (DZHW).

All matriculated doctoral researchers of HHU will receive an invitation email to participate in the study on March 05th. Participation is voluntary and anonymous. Conclusions on individual persons during data evaluation are strictly excluded. Depending on your individual situation the questionnaire will require 20-30 minutes. Attractive prizes will be drawn among all participants.

Comprehensive information is given in the nacaps information flyer for doctoral candidates. Additional and detailed information via: https://www.nacaps.de/en/index_html

Heine Research Academies cordially invites you to participate. Your participation will support our efforts to continuously optimize the conditions and services for doctoral researchs at HHU Düsseldorf. Thank you in advance.

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