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31.03.20 The 'pART of Research' calendar competition 2021 has started!

The "pART of Research" calendar competition has started - and comes along with a special feature this year. Show the fascination and diverse facets of your research to a broad audience! Colours, structures, people, (working) space - there are no limits to creativity. All photos, drawings, collages etc. submitted by 31 May 2020 will be put to public vote on the HeRA website. Special highlight for the 5th round of the calendar competition: All pictures will also be presented in the "pART of Research" exhibition at the University Library from the end of October 2020 to January 2021.

18.03.20 03.11.2020 HeRA Werkstatt:
Success factors for introverts and extroverts

The difference between introverted and extroverted characteristics appears in almost every personality test. However, hardly anyone knows what these characteristics specifically mean in daily life and communication. This is especially true for leadership strategies. The talk by Dr. Sylvia Löhken should help young leaders in academia learn how to best act and communicate with a wide range of personalities - while getting a better understanding for themselves. Every HHU researcher or interested HHU staff are invited to come along.

11.03.20 NEW: third-party funding bonus for young HHU scientists

For each successfully acquired third-party-funded project of at least 100,000 €, young scientists at HHU receive a bonus of 5,000 € as a freely available budget. The programme is an incentive for the acquisition of third-party funding by young scientists. It is financed by the Strategic Research Fund (SFF) and applies to HHU's non-medical faculties.

03.03.20 Follow-up Survey Nacaps

In spring 2019, doctoral researchers at the HHU have been invited to participate in the survey. If you have given your consent, you will be invited to the first follow-up survey in the next few days. Repeated participation will allow you to trace your professional and life history. Even if you have taken a supposedly unusual path to or during your doctorate, or if you have not pursued your doctorate further in the meantime, your participation is very important. Only through the broadest possible participation can a complete picture of the doctoral landscape be drawn. This also applies if you came to Germany only for the doctoral studies or if you want to leave Germany after that. Support this research project - collegially - with your participation! Comprehensive information is given in the nacaps information flyer for doctoral candidates. Additional and detailed information via:

Heine Research Academies cordially invites you to participate. Your participation will support our efforts to continuously optimize the conditions and services for doctoral researchs at HHU Düsseldorf. Thank you in advance.

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