pART of Research calendar 2019

Diversity in Research / Objects - Places -Tools

For the third time Heine Research Academies (HeRA) announces the „pART of Research“ calendar competition. This year’s theme is “Diversity in Research / Objects - Places -Tools”.
The different perspectives on the diverse approaches in research in HHU’s five faculties are in focus. You, the junior researchers of HHU are called upon to capture your research and visualize it in a creative way, looking at the researchers, the research object(s) as well as the research environment or the tools and methods used.

"I enjoyed participating in the pART of Research calendar process because it allowed me to think creatively about how to represent my day-to-day research experience as a PhD student. As everyone knows, research is always better with tasty snacks!"

Sarah Lucht, Institute of Occupational, Social and Environmental Medicine, Medical Faculty


How does it work?
You can hand in your image until June 30, 2018.
The images will be uploaded on the HeRA website and the best ones will be chosen by public voting*. The pictures with the most votes will be published in the »pART of Research« calendar for the year 2019. For every faculty at least one calendar sheet is reserved.
The winners will obtain one of the coveted spots in the pART of Research calendar 2019 and receive a book voucher.

We are thrilled about all the great submissions from all five Faculties. Stay tuned: Soon you will find all images on this website and can vote for your favorites.

*In case that more than 30 pictures will be submitted, a committee of Heine Research Academies will make an initial pre-selection.

Who can participate?
What can I submit?
How can I submit?
Who helps in case of questions?

"I participated in the pART of Research project because I would like a broad audience to get interested in research. The pART of Research calendar offers a wonderful format. My image shows how a thought is transmitted through a speech signal to the listener and how it is processed in the brain"

Jasmin Pfeifer, Institute for Language and Information Science, Faculty of Arts and Humanities


All images which have been submitted to the pART of Research calendar competition in 2016 and 2017 can be seen undefinedhere.

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