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14.06.18 Still vacancies in the following workshops

CRISPR/Cas9 Genome editing course (CEPLAS Workshop);

Negotiation Training (iGRAD Worshop);

Analytisch denken & überzeugend argumentieren (iGRAD Worshop)

23.05.18 JUNO meet up – Exchanging strategies 28 June 2018

You are looking for other postdocs and junior scientists on campus in order to exchange strategies and discuss experiences of your every day research environment?

Join the JUNO meet up!

As a kick off on June 28, 2018 experienced postdocs and research group leaders will share what has enabled them to overcome everyday challenges in their (academic) careers.

08.05.18 pART of Research calendar 2019 – submit your images now!

HeRA announces the „pART of Research“ calendar competition. This year’s theme is “Diversity in Research / Objects - Places - People”. The different perspectives on the diverse approaches in research at HHU’s five faculties are in focus. All junior researchers of HHU are called upon to capture their research and visualize it in a creative way, looking at the researchers, the research object(s) as well as the research environment or the tools and methods used.

Send in your image and show the (p)ART of research! The most favourite images will be published in the »pART of Research« calendar for the year 2019.

18.01.17 HHU Researcher-Alumni Programme

Exchange and collaboration are the basis for excellent research and steady research progress. In order to further promote research collaborations Heine Research Academies support the exchange between researchers at HHU and their colleagues around the world who have been at HHU before. Applications are now excepted.

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