Official presentation of the pART of Research - Calendar 2018

Early career researchers of all HHU faculties were asked to show the world what (their) research looks like in the 21st century - no matter what, whether microscopic, endoscopic, philosophic, whether real, surreal or unreal. The 12 calendar images for 2018 have been selected by over 1300 people voting for their favorite image(s). On November 10, 2017 the 2018 calendar has been officially introduced by Heine Research Academies.

From now on the calendar is available for free as long as stocks last at Heine Research Academies (in the offices of iGRAD, medRSDphilGRAD und JUNO).

All images which have been submitted to the pART of Research calendar competition in 2016 and 2017 can be seen undefinedhere.

Calendar presentation and awards ceremony on November 10, 2017. Front row: Jasmin Pfeifer, Sarah Lucht, Dr. Ester Betz (Anton Betz Stiftung der Rheinischen Post), Dr. Sha Tao, Eva Salveridou, Leonie Grube; back row: Sascha Steltgens, Mohammed Rizwan Babu Sait, Mahmoud Almobayed, Prof. Dr. Axel Gödecke (Spokesperson medRSD), pART of Research Team: Dr. Uta Brunner, Dr. Inge Krümpelbeck, Dr. Cordula Kruse, Dr. Debbie Radtke; Photos: HHU/Alexander Schneider

Eva Salveridou - January
Sarah Lucht - February
Leonie Grube - March
Dr. Sha Tao - May
Sascha Steltgens - June
Mohammed Rizwan Babu Sait - July
Jasmin Pfeifer - August
Mahmoud Almobayed - November

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